Narrow spreads

Narrow spreads – wide trading opportunities
Spreads from 0 pip

In order to decrease your trading costs and maximize profit, trade with narrow spreads provided by MSMAX company. We get the most profitable and accurate quotes from our liquidity providers – you get the best trading conditions.

Choose the optimal spread for your trading strategy
MSMAX provides the following types of spread:
  • Floating, starting from 0.2 pip;
  • Fixed, starting from 3 pip;
  • Trading without spread (fixed spread of 0 pip).

Spread type and value are determined by the account type.

5-digit quotes precision

Only possessing the fullest and most accurate information about the market, can you make maximum profit. Accuracy is particularly important for those who prefer short-term orders.

MSMAX provides 5-digit quotes precision on all account types so that you could freely choose your trading strategy.