Advantages of MSMAX

MSMAX has been well-received among our Clients and regarded as a trusted broker, as we adopt a pure-STP (straight-through processing) business model.

MSMAX provides our Clients direct market access to a range of financial markets globally. In addition, we also offer globally competitive liquidity, institutionally competitive spreads, and rapid order execution.

At MSMAX, our cause is not to do business with everyone who needs what we offer, but rather, do business with those who align with what we believe. We do not aim to have just ‘Clients’, we strive to build long-term partnerships of value.

With years of knowledge and experience in foreign exchange and financial products, MSMAX truly understands the needs of every trader. In order to create a trading environment which instils the utmost confidence in investors and traders alike, MSMAX has assembled a team of industry experts who never fail to prioritise clients.

Tight Spreads, Deep Liquidity

MSMAX leverages on its long-term liquidity partners and industry relationships to provide a truly exceptional liquidity offering. We offer institutionally tight top-of-book pricing, whilst maintaining solid depth for larger order sizes.

Our feed is composed of selected liquidity providers either into an aggregation, or available for relevant Client needs on a wholly STP basis. The parties that can be involved in our feed include:

  • Prime Brokers (such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays Bank, JP Morgan etc.);
  • Prime of Prime Brokerages;
  • Alternative Liquidity (such as Dark Pool Liquidity).

Exceptional Trading Experience

We strive to match and best-fit Client’s trading style, volume and securities to a provision of liquidity that will provide the necessary depth and competitively tight spreads. Our offer Straight-through-processing (STP) which automatically sends orders directly from the trader to the liquidity provider without passing orders through a dealing desk. It ensures that orders are processed instantly, devoid of delays and requotes. It also eliminates the conflict of interests between the broker and the client.

Funding Solutions

MSMAX’s wide range of funding and withdrawal solutions enables all clients, whether big or small, to manage their incoming and outgoing funds easily.

Fund Security

We strive to ensure the safety of client funds, to provide assurance to clients globally, that their funds are safely held in segregated client accounts.

Professional Assistance

MSMAX makes available to its Clients an exclusive Account Manager, whose role is to provide professional advice and assistance for enquiries of any kind. Our Account Managers have a wealth of trading experience and knowledge across all our instrument offerings. They are able to make provisions for detailed trade reporting and analysis pertaining to any orders executed.